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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • Demo 5.0.1 + Anti-Cheat

    EDIT: Demo 5.0.1 is once again live. You can find the current download link for it by clicking "Read more" at the bottom of this article. It should be noted also that an attempt to fix Riffman's chip dealing double damage seems to have broken it again. This will be updated in a later patch.

    Apparently an issue with some players being able to save. Currently the download link has been removed. For those who downloaded and replaced the files from build 5.0.0 you can still find the old version on the download page on the site.

    Demo Build 5.0.1 was live. For now, you can find it on this news post's "Read more" section along with the change log for the build.

    Hello everyone,

    It's come to our attention that there has been claims that our Demo 5 is spyware due to certain anti-cheating methods. This of course is false. While Demo 5.0.0 does contain anti-cheating measurements, none of them will harm the user, or their computer, in any way.

    How it works is simple: When the game is not in focus, it will check whatever is currently in focus for an array of words relating to cheating in the Window Title only. If it finds anything that triggers the system, it will crash the game with a random numbered layer message. Anyone with a background in computers/networking with an understanding of netstats or wireshark can check and confirm that it is only that. The only time Demo 5.0.0 sends data anywhere is when battling online, however, as there is no middle-man server for multiplayer, the only data sent is between players and nowhere else.

    We realize that the method for the anti-cheating was rather stupid and with poor communication a terrible mistake on our end, for which we are terribly sorry. Going forward with Demo 5.0.1 there will be just a simple sandboxed method of in-game values check to prevent simple cheating, in addition to a disclaimer in the download. Again, we are extremely sorry for this lack of transparency on our part.

    We will be releasing a new demo version soon which will remove the aforementioned anti-cheating method, in addition to fixing a few bugs that had been reported previously.

    For those curious, the change log for build 5.0.1 can be found by clicking "Read more." Read more
    Posted on 22 Mar 2018 by Windsofthepast
    Demo 5 Released!

    ~~There are a lot of plans for content updates for Demo 5, so while you're downloading the build, hit the Read More to see what content we planned~~

    Hi, everyone!I would have liked for this to have been posted by MaxRock himself, but he is very exhausted from programming the demo. Even I'm exhausted myself! I still can't believe our little V5 trailer got over 80,000 views...and it's still growing! That's the kind of attention we were hoping to get, and it makes us even more excited to deliver our game.

    Our testers were very helpful in telling us of small improvements we could make, but we didn't get to make every tweak that we wanted. I'll explain our future plans in a second(please hit the Read More link), but if you can't wait anymore...

    Demo 5.0.0
    Mirror Link

    If you have any questions on setting up the multiplayer, please read the enclosed guide. If you want to submit a bug, you can use our Discord or our Forum, but please try to give a lot of details about it so MaxRock can address it.

    Hit Read More for more info on what didn't make it in 5.0, that will make it into Demo 5.1! Read more
    Posted on 18 Mar 2018 by Killer336
    V5 Release Trailer

    It is with great pleasure that we bring you the trailer for MMBN Chrono X V5! We toiled away, rewrote the entire game quite a few times, but we're finally here. You can now enjoy NetBattling against your friends in a PvP environment, and enjoy the continuation of our awesome story. The Android version will come sometime after the 18th, but the PC will be on time. That release date at the end? Guaranteed.

    Many, many thanks to KilikTheGemKing for editing this wonderful trailer. Check him out at: Twitter and YouTube

    For those of you who still don't follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (which you can find to the right of this site or down below), please do! You'll get weekly polls and even some new screenshots every now and then.

    If you have a forum account, you'll get updated Project E-mails, and maybe even exclusive Newsletters with hidden game info.

    Join our Discord, we've got BIG plans for integrating some functionality with it into Chrono X.

    Killer, out!
    Posted on 04 Mar 2018 by Killer336

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