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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • Spriters positions open in team!

    Hiya all, MaxRock's here:D
    Everyone want Chrono X to be relased fast, right? Of course! And to be able to work faster we need more SPRITERS, and this is the chance for you to get into the team!
    If you're an open person, with sense of humor,with lot of free time, ready to work, not giving up and always aiming at gaining experience and, what's very important, have skills this is the job for you!


    -Only spriters apps! Other ones gonna be denied!
    -Just sending us email doesn't mean you're right on the team. We gonna select only 1 or 2 apps(of course if the one we will get will be good enough to choose from).
    -One person can send only one app!
    - Please don't spam with them ,sending them once is enough.
    -The email should be send ONLY to my(MaxRock's) email:
    -Peoples that already sent us app or contacted us about joining as spriters before need to mention that in email!
    -Peoples from Europe are welcome as well!

    1. What the app email should contain.

    Give us proper details in your mail!
    We want you to send us your mail like you wanna work somewhere so take it as a Job Interview. Give us your (atleast) username so we can call you somehow, short explanation why you would want to be in the team, and fit as a spriter(in other words small CV) ,and give us some examples of your works.This can help us organize the volunteers.

    -Title of email should look like this "your username- spriter's app"
    -At the end of the email you need to add this text:
    "(I confirm those sprites are 100% made by me. If it will turn out they're aren't, i will face consequences)"
    -You need to know your limits. We had some guys who thought they can sprite really well and when we declined their submissions they were like "No!I IZ GREAT SPRITER!".Please if you can only do cheap C+P sprites don't even contact us.We want this game to be the best,thus we need talented people. Note that something that you think is good, it doesnt mean that in other eyes its also good.

    2. Other requirements.
    -Having MSN adress is a must(if you don't have one atm, its not a problem)! I think no special explanation is needed here.
    -Being active! No, it's not just about the forum. We had to kick out 2 of our spriters since they were inactive, didn't show ANY interest in the project anymore as well as ignoring our messages mostly.Be active means if you join the team, the work for CX will be your first priority. You're joining the team to work! NOT only for the title of the developer!
    That's all for today, MaxRock's out!
    Posted on 14 Dec 2010 by MaxRock
    THIS...IS...CHRONO X!!!

    T here again people.
    Bringing you a (In my opinion) really funny spoof of a scene from the movie called "300" made by our beloved programmer MaxRock to entertain you guys!

    As you may notice it's Central area 3's huge hole from BN6,but no,this is not a HACK!As you saw in previous screens we gonna have central town in CX too so we had to make internet areas for it too ya?Ya. They're custom they're pretty and the huge friggin hole is still in area 3....what?You thought it got stolen by bad navis or something?Cmon it's a HOLE,how could you steal a HOLE?

    And that's not all,i'm here to show you some new screenshots too so HIT THE READ MORE BUTTON!!! Read more
    Posted on 05 Dec 2010 by FTommy
    Meet us on Facebook

    O hai ppl! T here!
    Me and my friend Winds made a facebook account AND a community page for you guys so it'll be easier to keep yourself up-to-date about the project.We gonna spread some infos there more often than we do it here so be sure to FRIEND and LIKE us there.



    Tommy over and out.
    Posted on 25 Nov 2010 by FTommy

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