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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • New function added

    Hello everyone, MaxRock's here.
    We are getting closer and closer to relase 4th demo, meanwhile I found some free time and programmed what people offen were asking me for on e-mails - configurable controls. The menu for it is in form of a separate EXE file (as shown on the screen above).

    There are 2 things to mention. First is, that the buttons can be configured only before running the game, not durning gameplay as the game loads the configuration from ini file. If for some reason the ini file would be missing, or be configured wrong, the controls will reset to default ones(Z,X,A,S,Enter,Backspace and arrows). Now the 2nd thing, All the controls in game itself gonna be displayed as GBA's ones, so A,B,L,R, Start and Select, no matter what controls gonna be set. Hope this won't be a problem for you, fans. I did it to not overload the memory game's using with more fonts made of sprites.

    That's all for today, MaxRock's out.
    Posted on 19 Nov 2011 by MaxRock
    New wallpapurz

    Not much of an update, only giving out a brand new wallpaper to celebrate the final host change. ALL HAIL CHRONO X!!! The wallpaper comes in 3 sizes which you can download from beloooow the thumbnail picture. Hope you guys like it, i had fun making it.

    1600 X 900 - 1280 X 1024 - 1280 X 800

    Tommy over and out
    Posted on 23 Oct 2011 by FTommy
    WELCOME, to the BRAND new host!

    Welcome everyone, to our brand spankin' new host! This is a PAID host and thus, there should be little or NO problems. If there are ANY issues with accessing the site or forums, or host errors, they need to be brought to our (the staff's) attention immediately so we can either fix them ourselves or alert the host to them so they can fix them.

    HOWEVER. It's not all good news. Sadly, the crappy free hosts we've been at have taken their toll on the integrity of the old forum's database. I say the "old forums" because...well, we had to start from scratch. For some reason, when exporting the database from the old forums, it didn't include a bunch of data it should have. Specifically, it didn't have anything posted since August 18th, which, since I made the export yesterday, tells me there's something seriously wrong with it that could just cause us to have to start over later. So, better to nip the problem in the bud than to have more problems down the line.

    BUT, we are now using MyBB software which I much prefer to phpBB (e.g. it has latest topic title names built-in, lol--and seems to be much easier to mod), and we also have a brand new forum skin!

    So, apologies for the database problems (it was out of our hands...=/), and thanks for bearing with us; but we hope you enjoy the new site, and the Megaman Battle Network Chrono X updates to come!

    (you can post here with any host issues you encounter...which hopefully won't happen)

    ALSO: If you need something from the previous forum (the data seems to be intact on that host...for now), please use the appropriate topic in the "important things" forum.
    Posted on 23 Oct 2011 by SoulRed12

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