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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • 4th demo's 97% update

    Hiya! It’s MaxRock here with the latest information behind our game. In order to tie things over until the demo releases (which, if real-life circumstances permit, shouldn’t be too far now), I decided to release a few screenshots showing just SOME of the improvements we’ve made. I have no doubt that the 4th demo will be superior in every way, especially since we are swapping out the placeholder graphics for newer, fresher ones! Don’t worry, doing this in particular doesn’t hold up the programming from my side, but it’s always nice to see some new things now and again, right~?

    Anyway, time for some screenies!

    Posted on 11 Oct 2012 by MaxRock
    A Special Story from the Developers

    Greetings, Chrono X Fans. I am here to deliver a very special message to all of you. I'll be telling you of some dark secrets we had while making this demo. I'll also be stating the plans for the upcoming demo that Max is almost done with! It will be quite a lengthy post, but after reading it, I hope the people who went on our chat and complained will understand what we had to go through (yeah, we are looking at you).

    Click the "Read More" portion to continue. Read more
    Posted on 21 Aug 2012 by Killer336
    New Affiliation and Registration Procedure!

    I just want to make a quick update to inform you guys of a new ally! We scored a new affiliation with the folks down at RockMan Exe: Rogue Network, or just RE: RN for short. It's a roleplaying forum for everything Battle Network, so if you're into that, then give their forum the pleasure of your company. They're also a very nice group to boot, so that's always a plus!


    I also want to tell you that we brought back registration on the site! You'll be able to post what you think below each and every update. Give it a try with this one!

    See you in the next update. Ciao!
    Posted on 02 Jun 2012 by Killer336

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