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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • Progress Update (+TeamBN recap)
    With Demo 5's release, we were able to get more visibility on our project, which meant more pixel artists started coming our way! And so, we took the time to re-visit an old friend (though not many of you liked him).

    Storog-S/M/G has transformed into Gocha-S/M/G! Click to expand!

    The new chip lets you change panels, heal yourself, or give the attack a bit of AOE! You'll always get 3 capsules, but the effects are randomized and denoted by the coloring of the capsule's top. Styled after a vending machine, this surprise mechanic should prove much more useful in your play sessions. Legend says something great will happen if you get 3 of the exact same capsules in a row...

    Straight-up bullying. Click to get a copyable link!

    Most chips are going to be getting some kind of buff. Compare the Backstrike in the current demo to this bad boy. Push effects, potential for 2 hits, combo friendly, yum yum. There's more on our docket list to show, but we'll save those for another time. We'll likely adjust other things our testers were looking to be changed as well. All in due time!

    More graphical fidelity. Click to expand!

    If you remember the SciLab graphical fidelity update (check the previous news post), then this is just more progress along that same vein. Working on chips, graphical updates, engine tweaks, and much more all at once. The top line of the above image is still going through final improvements, but safe to say it's coming along nicely.

    Android version! Click to expand!

    Naturally we didn't forget about our Android version promises. We've made recent progress on it. Above you can see me connecting with me with my phone (red) to my PC save (blue). There's still work to be done, and naturally the PC version's system tweaks come first. We don't like to break our word, but whatever improvements the PC version gets, the Android one will, too. After this post, I need to test a new Android build that Max sent me.

    The system work I alluded to lets us also do more interesting features.Take a look at this cool mechanic we brought back from Battle Network 6!

    Anyways, that's pretty much it. Make sure to like/follow/join the community for immediate updates if you aren't already!





    Posted on 16 Jul 2019 by Killer336

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