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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • New Screenshots!




    New virus! We call this one Peritop. He'll first appear in the SciLab areas. He has a lot of HP, even more than Storog! His chip will be interesting, too...

    Oh no! That doesn't look good! PirateMan! Stop being a jerk!

    I can't wait until you guys get to play through this story.

    And here are the 3 screenshots that we posted on Facebook/Twitter recently:

    And before you ask: yes, we finished a lot more than this. We'll have to be careful with picking screenshots in the future since they can contain massive spoilers. The story is pretty loaded.

    For those of you who still don't follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (which you can find to the right of this site or down below), please do! You'll get weekly polls and even some new screenshots every now and then.

    If you have a forum account, you'll get updated Project E-mails, and maybe even exclusive Newsletters with hidden game info.

    Long live Chrono X! Killer, out!
    Posted on 05 Apr 2016 by Killer336

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