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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • Update: Demo 4.0.1 and "Auto Old Mode"

    Heya, Chrono X fans! MaxRock here to serve the latest news~
    If you've played the newest demo release, then you may or may not be aware of some bugs that came up. Well, I've been working hard these last few days trying to find and fix them all. And today, I present you the Demo 4.0.1!
    Despite what has been said about the save system, this update will NOT force you to start over your save, so feel free to download and continue (just copy over your 4th demo's savefile to the CXDATA folder). Another little bonus I added, is the "Auto Old Mode" which will automatically tone down few visual effects if your computer's graphic card can't handle them. Hopefully it will work on your old computers, so everyone who got the surface bug on the very first battle, go and download it right now!
    Once again, always report any and all errors in the correct topic (Remember to give as much details as possible): LINK

    ////////////DEMO 4.0.1 LINK////////////////

    Just one final request: Help us spread the word! We sure could use the support.

    -That's all for today, MaxRock's out~
    Posted on 02 Jan 2013 by MaxRock
    Happy Holidays from the Chrono X Team!

    Hello, Chrono X-ians! The team would like to officially wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. As would Sophia!

    Enjoy the food & presents--and of course, Chrono X Demo 4!
    (if you've played all the way through Demo 4, you should know who this is)
    Posted on 26 Dec 2012 by SoulRed12
    The thing everyone waited for -- 4th demo released!

    *Plays a guitar solo* Hiya all~
    After many, many months of hard work, I finally bring to you Demo 4! It was a lot of work putting this together, what with all the problems we had and having to change all the graphics, but I think it was well-worth it. I expect production on the full-game will go smoothly and quickly. Remember to report any and all bugs in the appropriate topic on the forum: LINK
    Do not send e-mails or post anywhere else; keep it nice and simple for me to look at;)

    ///////DEMO LINK///////////


    That's all for today. Have fun!!
    MaxRock's out!
    Posted on 22 Dec 2012 by MaxRock

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