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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • New Affiliate and some screenies!
    O haaaaaaaaai!!!
    I'm honored to announce that we made a new affiliation thanks to Killer336/Giver336 with Timaeus's site "Mega Poke Chat Realm".
    You can check out the site in the sidebar to the right if you didn't check it yet-------------->

    The second thing,Max made some screenshots for advertise purpose from the freshest demo release and told me to post some here so here you go boyz and galz!

    A brand new virus comes with it's unique battlechip.This one is Hydro Pump

    OOooh Shineeey!A mistery data!

    To access the memento menu,you gotta clear the demo first!

    Yep.The navicust is usable after you finish the demo too!

    That's all for today!Tommy over and out!

    Posted on 03 Apr 2010 by FTommy
    MMBN CHRONO X Demo v3_1 relased
    Yup, I finally fixed all(i think^^) bugs:D
    Now the music files are supported with an dll, so no more problems with them. Besides that, I added few more chips,new PET, chip charging system, 1 new enemy and ice panels+ battle instances(RockCube) battle's test(to be found in secret area) Also 1st boss, Raven.exe got one more attack.
    So enjoy the demo one more time^^
    /////DOWNLOAD LINK////////

    EDIT: now with fixed pack's bug:D
    That's all for today, MaxRock's out!
    Posted on 02 Apr 2010 by MaxRock
    Official Soundtrack is out!
    Heeeey boys and girls out there in the Cyber World!
    Tommy reporting here about some updates!
    The third demos official soundtrack is downloadable in the MUSIC section on the site.If you like SoulRed's work in the demo just drop a little click on the little floppy picture and listen the well arranged,and brand new tunes he made only for the game!
    Second thing is about Max.
    He was offline for like...lemme count...3 days?Math...anyway so he was off,but dont think he just played on his guitar and played games all day.Nooooo,he gave everything he could to fix the bugs in the current third demo as well as:
    -musics system is now supported with dll, so no more bugs like the music is not playing
    -totally remade the battle engine so now its smoother
    -made elemental panel engines
    -made the second boss of the game who is still unknown for most of you

    Dont take you're life on that the fix gonna be up Tomorrow because we might wanna add one or 2 new chips and a new virus too,but maybe if max gets a hold of himself we wont have any problem releasing it tomorrow.

    Tommy over and out!
    Posted on 29 Mar 2010 by FTommy

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