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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • New team member & fight for MMBN!

    O hai fans!

    This is not much of a project update but more of a news post. First of all, for those who don't have a facebook or didn't friend/like us yet ( SHAME ON YOU ) , lemme announce that our team just got expanded with a new artist/spriter called Denpa AKA Denpa-Senpai. You'll be able to meet him on the chat as well as on the forum.

    Oh yeah and prepare for the 4TH demo's trailer to be released in early August!

    Tommy over and out.
    Posted on 26 Jul 2011 by FTommy
    New Logo and title screen

    O hai!
    I'm proud to announce that Chrono X has got a new logo and thus, a new title screen thanks to MegaRock.EXE . Thank you for your hard work dude!

    Oh yeah, our team had every material for the 4th demo's final official trailer and we gave it to one of the users called SolarisWing, you might know him from the chat, to put them together and make us a net blasting Trailer which we can show off everywhere and blow your minds with it completly! As he continues to work, so are we. CX 4TH gonna enter it's final programming stage soon, then we can betatest, and release it!! ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT?

    T over and out.
    Posted on 19 Jul 2011 by FTommy
    First summer's update!

    Hiya everyone, MaxRock's here! How was the weather the first days of holidays for you? If bad, don't worry, the holidays are still on, for sure sooner or later weather gonna change it's mood.
    Anyway guess it is time for some update. We are doing well. For now we entered a betatesting phase where the rest of team members and few betatesters replays the game many times under given circumstances searching for bugs, writing their reports etc, while I took few days free to take care of a few personal real life stuffs. No screenshots this time, because one of our project rule - never release stuff to public until we're sure they work in 99% without any bugs, BUT
    that doesn't mean that we don't have anything more prepared for you. Here's another masterpiece art, (created by our talented artist - Muku) showing one of the scenes from 4th demo, along with introducing new characters. Enjoy!

    That's all for today, MaxRock's out!
    Posted on 04 Jul 2011 by MaxRock

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