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The Game

Chrono X is the WIP fully fan-made 7th entry in the Mega Man Battle Network series. Try out the demo via the button below, and be sure to involve yourself in the project!



  • A Change In The Works!

    Now look at THIS beauty! What we have here is the equipment screen shown in Rockman Xover! You'll be able to collect character cards in a similar manner to Xover. Then, like Xover, you can go to a screen where you can modify your stats with various Chrono X-related cards! What you see is my screen.

    Ah, just like in Xover, Chrono X's Demo 4.1 will feature some selectable stages! If you look at the background, you can easily tell what stage this is!

    Now, you may be asking: "But, Megadudes! How do we get to do this AND play through the demo's story?" Well, the answer to that is quite simple, guys.

    You see, Demo 4.1 is a pivotal point in the project. This marks the official transition from MegaMan Battle Network: Chrono X to simply Chrono Xover.

    That's right, you're getting an Xover fangame with Chrono X characters! Online mode has been swapped for Social RPG support. More information on that will be given in a following update.

    What will the story be about? More on that next time as well!

    See ya, fellas!
    Posted on 01 Apr 2013 by Killer336

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